Henry Shefflin A true sporting legend

Congats to Henry Shefflin on his retirement. The word legend is used far too often to describe sports people but in Henry’s case it certainly can be used with total justification. I have been fortunate to see him play on a number of occasions and even if i am from Longford i could appreciate his skills and indeed his bravery. He was a top man on the pitch but he was also a top man off it. After last years county final in Nowlan Park Henry was still out on the pitch signing autographs for both kids and other supporters well over an hour after the game had finished ( and it was not a day to be standing around in I can assure you). If Shefflin had played a different sport Sky would now be running endless tributes to him. RTE please note!!!!
We have a limited number of prints below still available but as the ad says when they are gone they are gone.
Thanks Henry for the memories.

Sport and Restoration of Faith

Even if you love sport sometimes you have to wonder about it and those who make a living from it. I watched a premier league game last w/e where a team just did not try and 2 days later their manager got fired. In horse racing there would have been a stewards enquiry but in soccer the players just get paid 50K a week regardless.
This w/e i saw the opposite side of sport. The rugby internationals would restore any ones faith. Not because Ireland won the championship or indeed that both Wales and England each scored fantastic victories keeping us all on the edge of our seats until the final whistles. It was the defeated teams who i would applaud most. Italy, being hammered by the Welsh still tried to the final whistle and got what turned out to be a pivotal try right at the end. Who knows what would have happened to Ireland if they had not scored this? Then the Scots refusing to give up the ghost even in the knowledge that their deadly enemies the English might turn out to be the major beneficiaries from their heroics. Then we had the French! They were a beaten docket from an early stage in their match but refused to give an inch and had us all shouting at the tvs when they decided to try and run their last penalty from their own line.
Yes sport is all about winning(professional sport anyway) but some times we should take our hats off to the gallant losers and yesterday was such a day!

Every child deserves a jigsaw puzzle or 10!

Jigsaw puzzles are an excellent source of educational value for children of all ages. This is because to complete a jigsaw involves the child using several different aspects of the thinking process. This article will explain how you can use puzzles with very young children to accelerate their learning development.

An infant initially learns to recognize objects by their shape and not necessarily what position the object is in. A chair is a chair whether it is upside down, upright or lying on it’s side it doesn’t matter. The simple puzzles produced for young children help to develop more refined recognition and definition skills.

There are valuable learning experiences that can be gained from puzzle activities. Firstly hand-eye co-ordination is necessary to manipulate the piece into the correct position. To fit the piece exactly involves observing the shape of the hole as well as the shape of the puzzle piece. At first a young child deals with the problem by trial and error and sometimes force.  The guidance and example of a parent begins to solidify the process. The youngster starts to develop spatial awareness and mental manipulation as well as increasing physical dexterity. Skill and ability develops as the child learns to place the piece in correctly and internalization of the process occurs.

When trying to do a jigsaw puzzle children  soon discover is that it does matter which way up the puzzle piece is. It does not fit in the space unless it is in a certain position. A typical early childhood puzzle is wooden with a picture and has spaces where the pieces fit to complete the picture. With a street scene, for example, there might be a separate car shape, bus shape, and a truck shape that complete a puzzle. Early learning puzzles are typically robust as the first response of an infant is to try to force the piece into place taking no notice of its shape. With adult guidance the young child learns to manipulate the piece until it does fit exactly.

Jigsaw puzzles for education

Jigsaws are not just for fun. They are educational as well.

They make a great gift for young and old and are always worth sharing too.

Happy valentines Day

Happy Valentines day to all our customers and thank you for you thinking of us. There are going to be some very surprised ladies and gents too this valentines day. ‘I DO’ hope they are able to solve those puzzles too!!!!

Happy New Year From All in Jigscenes

Just got a call from Santa thanking us for all the help we gave him with his jigsaw puzzles during his hectic Christmas spell.

He mentioned that ‘ jigsaw puzzles are not just for Christmas!’, so hence I am sharing his message with everyone.

2015 promises to be a very busy year for Jigscenes with new products and a full range of new corporate marketing products coming online.

Looking forward it.

Four Irish Golfing Major Winners

On the fourth day of christmas
my true love gave to me
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It really is true love dont you all think??

A sports Canvas is not just for Christmas

On the third day of Christmas
My true love gave to me
3 sports canvas’s
2 personalised school rulers
And A Jigscenes jigsaw puzzle
Made for me PERSONALLY

Christmas is personal and special with a jigscenes Santa puzzle and ruler

On the second day of Christmas
my true love sent to me
2 personalised school rulers
And A Jigscenes jigsaw puzzle
Made for me PERSONALLY
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All wrapped up for Christmas

On the first day of Christmas
My true love gave to me,
A Jigscenes jigsaw puzzle
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