Henry Shefflin A true sporting legend

Congats to Henry Shefflin on his retirement. The word legend is used far too often to describe sports people but in Henry’s case it certainly can be used with total justification. I have been fortunate to see him play on a number of occasions and even if i am from Longford i could appreciate his skills and indeed his bravery. He was a top man on the pitch but he was also a top man off it. After last years county final in Nowlan Park Henry was still out on the pitch signing autographs for both kids and other supporters well over an hour after the game had finished ( and it was not a day to be standing around in I can assure you). If Shefflin had played a different sport Sky would now be running endless tributes to him. RTE please note!!!!
We have a limited number of prints below still available but as the ad says when they are gone they are gone.
Thanks Henry for the memories.