Santa Endorses Jigscenes

I still cant believe it! After all these years i finally got to meet the real Santa yesterday. I was doing business near the north pole and had popped in to a coffee shop  for a hot cup as it was freezing cold. By chance i got talking to a small guy who was wearing a green and red outfit! He told me he worked for Santa. Casually I said I had always wanted to meet the great man and to my shock he just said ‘ well come on with me then and I will see what I can do’

The meeting was very brief as he was very busy in his work shop but he did allow me to take some photos. He told me that he loved our Santa jigsaw puzzles and that we would be keeping him busy signing them for all the children.  As i was leaving he told me ‘’ will be his official jigsaw puzzle maker from now on.

And with a ho ho ho Happy Christmas he was gone!

As i left I noticed Rudulf setting up a new google maps app on Santa’s sleigh! Santa doesnt take any chances when it comes to delivering his presents i thought!