personalised map jigsaw puzzles

Map Jigsaw Puzzles

When looking for a gift for a loved one to celebrate their birthday, anniversary or wedding the best presents are those that are personalised. A gift which is uniquely designed for the recipient makes them feel appreciated and will be much more valuable than any other present.

Personalised jigsaw maps as a gift are growingly popular with the image focussing on a significant location. An image of the place where you first met or the location of the proposal or wedding will prove to be a hit showing both thought and sentiment. For family members, a jigsaw puzzle showing the childhood home or a map of a favourite holiday destination would be just as thoughtful and mean a lot to the recipient. To choose the perfect personalised map jigsaw, identify the location that means the most to that recipient.

Irish Personalised Jigsaw Puzzle taken from 19th Century Mapping, and centred on a location of choice. The First Edition One-inch maps of Ireland, derived from the painstaking survey which had begun in the 1820s, were originally published between 1855 and 1862. Clear, accurate and elegant, they form a superb portrait of the country, revealing numerous fascinating details of the ever-changing landscape.

The original sheets have been scanned and combined to form a seamless digital tile from which a map centred on any desired location can be created.

400-piece assembled size: 472 x 312 mm (approx 18 x 12 inches).

Arrives in a presentation box, for you to write your own personal message.

Scale 1:40,000.

  • Our map jigsaw puzzles are individually created based on your selected address
  • Your jigsaw will arrive in an attractive presentation box, which, for that added personal touch, contains an area on the box lid allowing you to write your own message to the recipient
  • Made using 1.5mm millboard, these superb jigsaws are hand-finished by our expert craftsmen
  • To make this jigsaw puzzle more challenging, and really test your knowledge of the local area around your centre point we have deliberately not included a guide image
  • This personalised product is handmade to your personal specification and will usually be delivered within 7 working days.